Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hi Workshop Participants!

1. Could you guys please start finding and saving art magazines that might be laying around campus, or saving them from recycling, or keeping ones that you yourself might toss? Because they need to all go into the Visiting Artists Apartment. Date makes no difference whatsoever.

2. Also! If you see any postcards from around here, gas station or convenience store ones, grab one or two that are compelling. The postcards don't have to be visually appealing or ironic, just something that you are instinctively drawn to... good, bad or no idea why you want it.

3. I will write up a long thing tomorrow about our last class, but I'm kind of beat and not that articulate right now, sorry for the delay.


Check it out! Here's the mockup for my next book! Straight from the Calarts mail room right to my guest suite. Great, but two full days of work I hadn't planned on.


4. Because of the format change of the workshop, I'm going to write up something more formal about how this blog will be used during or remaining time here. I kind of see it as ongoing long past the last class, if you guys are into it.

5. The workshop is happening at the end of the day when many of you are exhausted and ready to make your escape from a windowless room with fluorescent lights. I want to figure out a few other ways of discussion so that when everyone is fading at 7:30, we can have a different outlet for discussing ideas.

6. Notice how these points are become disjointed the closer 10PM comes? That's because I'm now sound asleep.

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