Monday, October 17, 2011

"I'm writing to share a new project I've started at my Visiting Artist-in-Residence position at USF Tampa.

I am creating reproductions of the handmade Occupy Wall Street signs mined from the internet, signs from occupations in cities across the states, re-creating them in terms of scale, content, aesthetic, and wear. The signs are meant to be spirited recreations of the original.

The goal is to create 400 in my stay down here in Tampa that ends mid-December.

I need help!
1. I need cardboard of all shapes, sizes, and colors for my studio, FAH addition, any extra posterboard, markers, or paints are in need as well
2. Please send me any jpgs of signs you really respond to, I'd love to see what I might not have in my internet searches
3. Labor! I'm interested in students/artists dropping my and making a sign or two or helps to have different hands participate in these recreations. Please email me and my project assistant John (

and last, if you're far away from me, i'm interested in your ideas/expertise/art-historical references i may consider for thinking about the project, this feedback would be amazing!

We may have a pizza night or two at the studio where we feed helpers in exchange for spending an hour or so in the studio! stay tuned!

attached is an install shot of the first 3 signs my project assistant John Shirk and i made last night in the studio...they take longer than expected, but the labor is joyous!
3 down, 397 to go!

trying harder, jason"

Email from my friend Jason today. There's a number of questions that this project poses, and not a lot of easy answers.

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